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Doug Kenworthy has worked with people of all ages, from young athletes to baby boomers and beyond, and now he is expanding his list of clients for the upcoming year…. a very limited number of openings are available.

The next level….. literally is true of everyone, what is your next level of conditioning…. no matter what your condition, Doug can help you meet your goals, from simply feeling better each day with an excellent exercise program to helping you to be competitive for your sports activities.

Many of Doug's clients have seen the benefits of a better life for many years…. many 15 years and longer. You determine your goals and Doug will help with his expertise and your efforts to achieve them. One on one personal help to assure you don't injure yourself and to help make sure you don't give up on yourself…. all the while creating a healthier you. Doug has many references he will be glad to share to help you understand how he can help you.

It could be that life changing experience…. contact Doug for information to determine if his program is right for you…… remember there's only a few openings to start 2015.

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